A foundation that provides efficient business
systems and support for your success. It’s your
business we just help you grow it.

“This is a quote that wi l l be super awesome and amazing”


Developed and guided by practicing
design professionals to provide you
with the business platform, support,
and collaboration to thrive in
business and life.

Freedom of Choice

  • Choose what kind of work you do
  • Choose your clients
  • Choose, collaborate and share
  • with members nationally
  • Choose your balance
  • Choose your motivation

“You’re not working for the benefit of a company, LDPI is working for your benefit. “


What is it?

It’s not a franchise, some may call it a
business in a box. It’s an evolving cooperative developing business
solutions ensuring the highest efficiency and lowest overhead in our

The Mission

The model seeks all opportunities to
create a culture for future generations of design professionals who thrive
within a community which values life balance, environmental focus, mutual collaborations, mentorship, and
accountable designs.

“This is a quote that wi l l be super awesome and amazing”


  • Small projects make up the largest design market in the United States.
  • Code and regulatory demands have changes requiring greater professional involvement.
  • Majority of structures in the United States are ages and in need of
    restoration and remodeling.
  • Expanding need for designer representation and inspections for real
    estate transaction/litigation.
  • 750,000 small contractors in the country need designers.

“This is a quote that wi l l be super awesome and amazing”